25 Easy Steps to Master the Art of Painting a Beautiful Rose

  • By: Michael Smith
  • Date: September 26, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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Hello there, my dear friends!

Today we will discuss the simple topic but it will surely be interesting for many of you:

How to learn to paint roses?

What is the secret of painting roses? 

I think the short video attached to this post will help you learn the necessary art painting techniques and help you easily paint the various beautiful roses, rosebuds, rose bouquets, and roses in the garden from now on.

So in order to make the flower that you are going to paint look like a real rose, you should learn and remember the following:

The simple rules and painting art ideas for painting roses:

1. Start painting your picture with outlining the clear borders of your future flower inclosing the rose into the circle or the oval or the other suitable shape.

Find the middle of this object by drawing a vertical line so that it gets just on the flower stem. The flower should have a single center – all the line should band together there.

From now forth when you draw the flower, you should always remember (you should imagine it, keep it in mind) that all the lines (the petal lines, the bud outlines) should meet together at the stem where or flower is based on.

2. Here is an extremely important part of our free painting lesson!

The roses are always drawn and painted with the oil or the acryl holding to the straight lines and the angular and square shapes. This means that when you paint the rose, you should forget about the curves and the free lines. Paint the rose using the shapes which have the open, sharp angles…

3. After you already have the «angular» sketch of a rose, you can start drawing the details, giving the leaf some more interesting shapes.

4. Remember that there is the deeper and darker color of the petals inside the rosebud.

5. Mainly the roses have the straight stems which are quite strong to carry these beautiful and heavy flowers. That is why you should not draw the roses which are bent down or which have the curving twine stem (such roses can be rarely seen).

6. Do not forget to pay attention to the leaves of the roses (though they can be quite different, we will generalize them a bit). Unlike the flowers the leaves are round and are set one opposite the other. Mow you will learn to paint the green leaves of roses:

There is the great quantity of various species of roses in the world. When painting the roses with the pencil or transferring their beauty onto the canvas, you should always observe the peculiarities of this particular flower:

how to draw a rose
how to draw a rose

how many leaves it has, how its petals are opened, what edges the petals have, how the light falls…

Still you should not hope that after you have watched the painting lesson video and read one page of the text, you will be able to draw any rose in several minutes and without any mistakes – everything needs practice. Still I assure you that your every next rose will be much better than the previous one!

I wish you good luck. And I hope my simple tips told in this art lesson will help you paint the various roses and the bouquets of roses using any kind of technique comprehensible for you.


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