| Learn How to Draw a Daisy: Step-by-Step Tutorial with Easy-to-Follow Instructions

  • By: Michael Smith
  • Date: August 29, 2023
  • Time to read: 3 min.
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The daisy is quite easy to draw. These simple and dainty flowers look beautiful in the bouquet and a nice picture of daisy brings joy and boost spirits. The daisy symbolize summer, warmth, positive and cheerful mood. Today we will learn to draw daisy in different foreshortenings. We will have a little practice to draw the great still lives with flowers and the fields of daisy.

You will need the following

Materials for Drawing Lesson

  • graphite pencils of different hardness
  • eraser
  • paper for sketches

If you want to add more expressiveness and brightness, you should also prepare:

  • white pastel

How to Draw Daisy Step by Step

So let`s start our online painting lesson and draw the daisy in pencil step by step
At first, let`s look at the painting which you should get as a result of this painting lesson:

how to draw, how to draw, art lesson step by step
A daisy drawing in pencil

Composition Shape and Size

We will draw different daisies: small and big daisies, daisy losing blossoms, and those with slightly opened buds. It is important to mark the handsome stems of the daisy and attach the circles and ovals of the future flowers to them at the initial stage of your work.

how to draw, how to draw, art lesson, how to draw a flower
Composing and marking the shape and size of daisy

The big circle shows the edges of daisy petals. The small circle inside is the center of a daisy.

As you can see, all the daisies are turned to different sides. Pay attention to the green leaves of daisy.

At first, draw a sketch, slightly touching the paper.

Now let`s come over to the next stage of our online painting course and

Paint the Petals and Leaves

Since the daisy is a very simple flower, we will not divide the work on our picture into many stages.
At first, you should slightly outline the petals, leaves, and buds and draw in the center of a daisy a bit.

How to draw, how to pint, art lesson, step by step
Slim sketch of flowers
  • Outline the petals on all of the flowers according to the shapes and edges which you have outlined earlier. The daisy petals resemble greatly elongated ovals. There are barely noticeable jags on the edges of petals.
  •  Mark the center of a flower, where the small hollow often happens to be, more clearly. The central part of a daisy is saddle-backed. This should also be marked with the help of strokes.
  •  The daisy stems are thin and can be bent several times. There can be one or many daisy flowers on one stem.
  • The green leaves of a daisy, as well as the flowers, can be of different shapes depending on the daisy kind. The daisy with small and thin leaves can be often seen.

When the sketch is finished, take a soft pencil and improve everything you have outlined.

how to draw, how to draw. art lesson, how to draw flowers
Sketch of flowers

To enhance the beauty and daintiness of daisy, make several strokes over the enlightened petals with the help of white pastel.

Drawing Video Art Lesson – How to Draw a Daisy Step by Step

To make everything clear, let`s watch a short video tutorial and draw the daisy together.

I hope this drawing art lesson has been interesting and useful for you and you will be able to draw beautiful pictures of daisy from now forth.


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