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Create an Engaging Vampire Character Design That Will Wow Any Audience

There are several ways to find interesting ideas and solutions for creating a new character.

This example is suitable for those cases when the character has external features that cannot be abandoned, otherwise, the character will be unrecognizable.

Shapes and Attributes

We can only play with the shape and size of the required attributes, but not abandon them.

Vampire Character DesignTherefore, sharp corners will help to give the character’s appearance signs of not the kindest person.
Also, the typical vampire should wear a tuxedo and black cloak.

Make Sketches

Knowing this, I made sketches of vampires with different physiques and characters, and ages. The main things that helped make these characters vampires are sharp corners and equally sharp teeth 🙂

Vampire Character Design

Then I chose one of these sketches of characters, and I will continue to work with him.

Vampire Character Design

I clarified the details of this vampire’s image and created a drawing of this character from different angles and with different emotions.

Vampire Character Design


To check the «readability» of the character, look at the vampire silhouette. Does he recognize this personage, is the character read correctly? It is also worthwhile to mirror the picture as often as possible to avoid blurring the eyes.Vampire Character Design


Next, draw this character in color.

Vampire Character Design
Create an Engaging Vampire Character Design That Will Wow Any Audience

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