Discover How to Paint a Unique Acrylic Abstract Painting – The Old Map Tutorial Video

Hello, dear friends!

Today we are going to paint with unusual paints and tools. And consequently we will get an unusual result – the painting styled on an old map.
The easy and interesting work is waiting for us.

Set of colors which you need for our abstract art lesson:

  • gold
  • chameleon
  • bronze
  • graphite
  • titanium white
  • black

also you may need:

  • a small (fluffy) roller for the painting work
  • a big round bristle brush
  • a flat paint brush and other.

Now let`s start our abstract art lesson online:

1. Before applying the paint, you should slightly moisture the canvas with water.

2. First, you should prime the canvas with the white which are applied quite easily on the wet surface of the canvas. Do this with the big flat paint brush. This first layer of white is very important because we are going to paint with the semitransparent paints.

3. At the next stage of our art painting lesson we create the surface resembling the old parchment.
Do not let the paint dry up and immediately apply the big brushstrokes with a palette knife to the different sides over the white basis. First, use the bronze, then – chameleon and graphite. Leave the centre of the canvas light because there will be placed the main hero of our painting.

Apply the paints one over the other without waiting till it dries up. Let the paints mix with each other: there will be the rougher pastous brushstrokes in some places and the rare watercolor brushstroke – in the other.

Sprinkle the canvas with water and at once remove the drops of water with the careful touches of a clean dry cloth.

Put the canvas on the floor, take a piece of the crumpled cellophane or paper, dip it into the bronze and spread the brushstrokes over the whole canvas with the help of this «tool». Then repeat this procedure using the gold. If you want, you can also make several brushstrokes with the graphite.

Let the paint slightly dry up for a few minutes and sprinkle the canvas one more time. A few minutes later remove the excess water making the dipping movements with a clean cloth. Thus you will get the very beautiful texture with the various kinds of smears and spots.

Now we are coming to the next stage of our abstract painting lesson. Put the canvas on the easel and continue working on our parchment. Gently dip the roller into the White and spread the white over the surface with very light movements so that the roller slightly touches the canvas.

After the basis of our old map is ready, create the pattern appropriate for the maps.

Take a palette knife, dip it into the bronze and make several zigzag brushstrokes – the outlines of the continents. You can apply a little gold over the bronze and mix these paints with each other directly on the canvas. If the colors become too bright – add a bit of the rare white.

Now we are coming to one of the main stages of our free drawing lesson. Paint the main hero – the Eifel Tower. First, make a sketch – the outlines of the tower construction. Paint it with the graphite. Then take a thin brush №1 and draw in all the elements of the Eifel tower construction with the rare black paint. Lean on the little finger so that you can fully control your hand.

Slightly enliven the tower with the white. Do this with a very thin brush making the light and fine brushstrokes.

Our main hero is ready. And now we are going to improve our map. I have decided to mark the following cities with the big letters on the map: Paris, Wien, Madrid and Roma. Make these inscriptions with the black, then apply the bronze over it and slightly embellished it with the gold.
In order not to leave the map empty, I have decided to paint very rough outlines of the Coliseum and the Tower of Pisa. I have done this with the bronze and the rare white using a palette knife and a brush.

Then make the light brushstrokes — the long flowing lines — the rivers and so on. Paint this lines with the gold, white, graphite and bronze.

Now we are going to put more years on our map. Make several light brushstrokes with the roller over the already finished work one more time in order to smooth and smear the clear lines and contours.
If you are afraid to spoil your work, to make the unusual brushstroke or to try the new tool, you should train a bit. For example, before using the roller on the canvas, you can test this tool on the cardboard or the poster paper using different consistencies of the paint and pressing with the different strength.

And now we are coming to the final stage of our fine art lesson. Paint in the sides of the canvas. This painting will look very beautiful either in the frame or without it.
It seems to me, I have told you everything.

Leave your comments, share your ideas, subscribe for the mailout and look forward to the new interesting Art lessons.

I wish you good luck and new success in your creative work!





2 responses to “Discover How to Paint a Unique Acrylic Abstract Painting – The Old Map Tutorial Video”

  1. Emily Williams Avatar
    Emily Williams

    What inspired you to paint this abstract acrylic painting?

    1. admin Avatar

      I was inspired by the beauty of old maps and the way they tell stories of travel and exploration. I wanted to capture that essence in an abstract painting using acrylics.